Tracy Tuesday… EMR/ECO

Another part (big part) of my life was becoming an Emergency Communications Officer.

I began in Leduc as a 911 Operator, while up north in Grande Prairie I was an ECO in Peace River and then in Edmonton when we moved back.

Also while working in Leduc, I went to school and became an Emergency Medical Responder. I worked on Ambulance at different functions such as Rodeos and Baseball tournaments and Medical Stand By.

It was a very memorable time in my life, I met many amazing people and I call them friends still today 😊

Tracy Tuesday… On a Wednesday

Something about me, the person before becoming a pet sitter 😊

2010-2015 Roller Derby

Name: Trauminatrix #911

Played for: OCDG, STAHR, HWY 14 & various pick up games

One of the awesome moments was playing against my daughter, as well as playing on a team with her ❤️

Another awesome moment was skating the strip in Las Vegas with some great women!

*Red helmet/skates*